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About Northwest Killies NWK is an affiliate club of the American Killifish Association,established in 2000. Our intent is to represent the interests of killie keepers of the Pacific Northwest region of the United States and beyond. Membership and participation is open to all killie people in the region and, ultimately, to anyone who is interested. Due to a massive number of spam registration attempts, we request that you use the Contact Us link on the left, with a request to be registered on this site. Our members are widely scattered, living in various parts of the northwest US, including Oregon, Washington, and California. For that reason we think of ourselves as a "virtual club", depending on our forums to keep in regular contact, and meeting physically about six times a year. You are welcome to use our forums but you must register to post. We collaborate closely with other clubs in the west and participate in West Coast Weekend, a large annual "mini-convention". We hosted that event for the first time in 2004. See our NWK News section for information about this and other NWK events. Note that some parts of this site are restricted to registered users. This is to discourage spamming. Registration is easy and we appreciate your understanding and coopertion. When you do register, we'd appreciate it if you'd include your real name and a sig line, which should include your name and location. Registrations must be approved by the site administrator, which will be done promptly for legitimate users.
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